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Whether you've been charged with felony drug possession or misdemeanor trespassing, you can count on The Law Office of Alejandro Macias for help with criminal defense law.

Attorney Macias provides first-rate misdemeanor and felony defense law assistance to clients in Houston, TX. He'll answer all of your questions and make sure you know what to expect throughout your case.

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A Criminal Record Can Have Lasting Ramifications

When you're facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, turn to The Law Office of Alejandro Macias. Attorney Macias is well-versed in criminal defense law and is dedicated to providing effective representation. A felony or misdemeanor conviction on your record can prevent you from:

  • Getting a job

  • Owning a gun

  • Voting

  • Securing a loan

A conviction can also lead to loss or restriction of any professional licenses you have. Trust The Law Office of Alejandro Macias in Houston, TX for misdemeanor or felony defense law assistance when your future is on the line. Make an appointment today by calling (713) 903-2326.